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Andex Corp, founded in 1962, prides itself on producing the highest quality coffee filters in the industry at competitive prices. Since coffee filters is our business and is 100% of our focus, we devote our company to each customer's requirements.

At Andex Corp you will receive our personal attention.

Our company supplies a full line of private label filters, and also control labels under our brand names of Gourmay and Tru Brew. Packaging is available in various filter counts.

Take a look at the unique features of our products.






BASKET FILTERS click image to view larger

Andex's basket filters are manufactured through a specialized process that eliminates the wrinkles in the flutes which are found in our competitors' filters. 
This unique feature enables the filters to separate easily and retain their round shape.


CONE FILTERS click image to view larger

Andex’s cone filters feature "easy-open tabs."


DISC FILTERS click image to view larger

Andex’s disc filters are made of the same fine grade paper used in our wraparound filters. For use in percolators.


WRAPAROUND FILTERS click image to view larger

Andex’s wraparound filters have a patented cloverleaf shape and fast-flow perforations. 

The cloverleaf shape eliminates the excess paper when placing the filter into the percolator basket. This shape and our special fine grade of  paper make it easier for the consumer to use—much easier to use than the thick crepe paper used by our competitors.

The fast-flow perforations allow the brewed water to flow more evenly in the percolator basket for a more efficient extraction of the coffee grounds.

Other features: Individually folded for ease of access. The coffee grounds are completely enclosed for instant disposal— no messy grounds.

U.S. Patent No. 3225680 and No. 26716


Contact Us:

69 Deep Rock Road
Rochester, NY 14624-3575

The Andex Corp is located in Gates, NY, a suburb of Rochester. The plant is located in a modern industrial
park approximately one mile from the Rochester airport.

All sales and manufacturing are done at this location.

Telephone: (585) 328-3790
Toll Free: (800) 379-4207
Fax: (585) 328-3792


Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 8:15 am - 4:45 pm EST
Our answering service takes calls after hours.


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